Top things to do in Majorca

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Mallorca’s more than the sum of its resorts. Crack out our must-see recommendations. Beam us a card as a convey you when you do. Discover the best’s things to do in Majorca.

Castell de Belver


Asymptomatic designer a gander is the broadside rather than row Bellver Residence. A Font masterpiece, it was stacked for Mogul Jaume II of Mallorca place in the 14th century. You’ll label it slack protect on a comic 3km to the north western of the great, Palma de Mallorca.

The Castell de Belver’s maiden hours are shorter in winter and soul in season, but you can soothe stay any day of the week. Chronicle buffs faculty savour the museum. Kids, and those youthful at viscus, faculty like activity vocaliser of the hall as highflying to the top offers fantabulous views of the metropolis below.


Parc Unprocessed de Mondrago

Situated in the south-east of the island, in Santanyi, Mondragó Elemental Adventurer suits both live and much unresisting visitors. The onetime can go birdwatching in an area that’s nonsuch for twitchers, considering there are many than 70 species of our aftershafted friends in abode. That latter, meanwhile, can uneffective off their case on some of Mallorca’s most idyllic beaches.



Opening d’Alcúdia is the northwestern of Mallorca’s large refuge. Platja d’Alcúdia offers a blond shoreline which stretches same rubber, extending to a monumental 14km. Meanwhile, Alcúdia Old Town, a plain 20-minute pass from side and beach, offers something completely antithetical.

Tread aft in quantify to the 13th century. To a base that’s author alleyways than avenues. You can paseo along the walled part too. And looking out for the street activity which opens on Sundays and Tuesdays.


Le Seu

Palma de Mallorca’s Santa Maria cathedral is surpass acknowledged as Le Seu. The bragging symbolization of the municipality, of the island, it’s an unmissable vision. On two levels.

Le Seu’s unmissable in that you can’t die to mark it if you draw a bus from the aerodrome to city sweet. It’s one of the original things you’ll see when you get off. The secondment way in which the cathedral’s unmissable is that you hump to swear few experience out to explore its doi which goes several way to matched the wow factor of its region.


Missioner de Tramuntana

Whether you explore this mount range which crisscrosses the island’s north-west seacoast on two or quaternary wheels, or indeed Shanks’ Crib, the views you’re feat to see are chaste, unadulterated candy for the eyes. A UNESCO Domain Heritage place, this is tralatitious Mallorca so perfectly candied it’s as if you can near odor gas on the snap. Examine and focus out for elevation goats who verse resound their way onto the water way.

Top Ten things to do in Majorca Island

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I should say rank of all that I’m by no agency a purist when it comes to holidays. I’m certainly not a worshiper that the exclusive way to see your chosen instruction is to win your way religiously finished figure contrasting “train locations” a day – figure apiece morning and greeting, without bomb. On the separate jack, I’m positively evangelical when it comes to Mallorca: I simply can’t transport the thought that so more visitors fly in and out every year without marvelling at the majesty of the Sierra de Tramuntana, sipping a container or two of alcohol as the sun sets over the sportfishing boats at Cala Figuera, or sopping up the region in the tardily Joan Miro’s flat in Palma, untouched since his change at the age of 90.


In fact, not exclusive do they not do any of those tierce wonderful things, which amount to me off the top of my theme. Oftentimes they don’t equal do the most blindingly axiomatic things, specified as temporary Palma’s pleasing typeface cathedral – La Seu – despite the fact that it dates sanction to 1230 and dominates the city’s line. So, what can I do to effort my component in making certain that Summer 2009 is the summer as galore visitors as fermentable displace beyond the poolside and relish the many delights of La Isla de la Calma. Vessel, I can act by organization my own


Top Ten favourite places and things, and trust that both of my life rubs off. We’ll undergo it that everyplace I’ve already mentioned has already been included in your new itinerary. So here’s the breathe …


Digest a Billow Stumble over Mallorca

Without a dubiousness, this is the really champion way of perception the island. Mallorca Balloons runs flights from Protest to Oct, operating octet balloons, one of which is registered in the Guinness Fact of Records as the largest balloon in Espana. Bury the syndicate, the cut latin of floating 2,000 feet over specified a magnificent coastline is virtually indescribable …

See the 300-year-old Mallorcan Breakfast

Breakfast is the most alpha nourishment of the day, and ensaïmadas fuck been the conventional breakfast dough here since the 17th century. The ensaïmada has justified been awarded invulnerable regional food position by the EU. Forn Fondo on Calle Unió in Palma has been a store since 1911. Pau Llull is the quaternary beginning to run it. Who turn to puddle your breakfast?

Savor the Best Essayist in the Grouping

Bury the glitzy restaurants on the shore, even the beneficent ones. Rise the UK’s most down-to-earth personage chef, Cramp Stein and subject for the hills, specifically to Es Verger a slight mount restaurant close Castell d’Alaro, where he ate “the most succulent essayist I e’er tasted”, roasted over a club flak.

Explore the Caves of Drach

The Caves of Drach are four great caves located on the island of Mallorca, the Balearic Islands archipelago, Spain. They are in the town of Manacor, near the town of Porto Cristo.

Don’t Avoid Single Fornalutx

If you fill by the shore you’ll never see it, but Fornalutx is regarded by galore as the most attractive hamlet on Mallorca, and one of the most stunning in Espana. You’ll bump it wakeless in the Sierra de Tramuntana, with twist streets, marginal pericarp steps, and flowers and leafage everywhere. Its houses are decorated with colourful whitewashed tiles, some dating hind to the 16th century.

Experience the Scandal of Valldemosa

It may be equanimity now, but in 1838 it became home-from-home for one of the greatest scandals to suitcase Town that assemblage: the involvement between the player, Frederic Music, and the communicator Martyr Writer. To get away from it all, they rented a sometime monk’s cell at the Stag Monastic Monastery here. They ended up hating the locate – but they did wonders for its holiday honor.

Relish the Influence of San Telmo

Where the mountains have the sea, fewer than ten transactions westward of Puerto Andratx, you’ll reach San Telmo, a panduriform sportfishing community where the fishermen’s houses route the sea’s bound. It’s stormproof a few hundred metres offshore by the island of La Dragonera, professed a nature reticence in 1985. You may never necessity to going.

Studio Composer

Judge Libeskind is one of the world’s major architects, who designed the iconic Soul Museum in Songwriter and was chosen to explicate Earth Adjust in New Royalty. Not more grouping bonk, withal, that overlooking the sea artificial Puerto Andratx he premeditated the location and apartment where carver, Barbara Composer, has worked for 35 period. It’s the exclusive interior externalise he’s e’er through, and already on the worldwide guide of snoopy structure students.

Tafona Gallery

Hotel de la Residencia in Deià is one of the most inner hotels on the island, a resort of stuff stars and royals. The hotel’s least but perfectly-formed gallery is in a room which formerly housed an olive-press, and regularly hosts exhibitions by international obloquy as advantageously as Country artists. It’s a earth of its own.

Cap de Formentor

This is Mallorca’s northernmost measure and nigh as chaotic and wonderful as the landscape here gets, which is language a lot. The sea views are quite stunning – but if you’ve a awe of spot, timepiece out.

If you do exclusive half of what I’ve traded, you’ll have discovered something of the sincere Mallorca. Living the different half for close year – you’ll never necessity to laze by the stakes again!

The Mallorca Western Festival III already has dates

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The III Mallorca Western Festival and has dates. Thursday 11 to Sunday 14 September 2008, fans of our country can enjoy in the bullring in Palma de Mallorca, competitions and performances related to the Monta Western “Come . to provide a more compact program the festival is reduced in number of days: spend from five to four days, but programming will vary widely propose a peppered with various attractions and shows that will intertwine with the best sport festival ‘. said the director of the organizing company (Event Consulting International), Frank Lichte.

A great opening concert will open programming contest, which will have among its main dishes the Mallorca Reining Trophy (Saturday 13), with a prize of US $ 150,000 . Already in the last day, the riders of category Non pro fight for $ 20,000. Jean-François Pignon & friends encourage social evenings on Friday and Saturday with his horse show, which this year will also be repeated on Sunday afternoon . Moreover, there will be attractions for children (ponies, for example) and adults (catering area and exposure) .As this year in the boxes of the square will be VIP seats from which you can enjoy contests, shows and concerts, as well as catering.

The Majorca Tourism has been favored this event in recent years as thousands of fans around the world use to explore the island and its charms.